'Can you hear me' phone scam hits the Chattahoochee Valley

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A phone scam is hitting the Chattahoochee Valley and some locals are unaware it's a scam until they answer the phone.

That's because the caller is calling from a local 706 number. The scam is called the " can you hear me" scam.

Callers are from what people think is a home security agency or cruise line but it's a robocall.

The scam works by the caller first making an introduction then the recording will ask if you can hear the caller clearly.

If you answer "yes" there's a possibility that the scam artist behind the phone call has recorded you and will use your agreement to sign you up for a product or service and then demand payment.

If you refuse to pay the caller may produce your recorded "yes" response to confirm your purchase agreement.

Local resident Liz Abercrombie says when the number 706-405-3923 called he she had no idea she was answering a scam.

"A very energetic female voice answering the phone call asked me can you hear me; my response was yes but however, I asked back who you trying to reach and that's when I noticed it was a voice recording. This is a dilemma for me personally since I am on a job search and I would want to answer a 706 number but I'm kind of reluctant now," says Abercrombie.

News Leader 9 called the number and a voice recording about a survey came on once the call went through.

There was no description of what kind of survey or company it was.

The Better Business Bureau says if you receive an unsolicited robocall from an organization or business to just hang up and avoid answering any questions or pressing any buttons.

They also say it's wise to write down the phone number and file a scam report with BBB Scam Tracker.

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