Methane gas plant proposed at Columbus city council

Methane gas plant proposed at Columbus city council

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The proposal of a methane gas plant and a settlement regarding an accident with a city worker were topics discussed at Columbus City Council Tuesday morning.

It was proposed that a methane gas plant be built to answer the city's growing waste problem and to create another power source.

Pinegrove Landfill is approaching the time where a Methane Collection System must be installed. The options are to produce electricity for direct use Recycling MCP Facilities to be used for fuel, sell energy back into the electrical grid, and to place gas into the pipeline.

The council will bring a resolution on Feb. 14 concerning this matter.

Another topic that was brought up at Columbus City Council includes a settlement that stemmed from a motor vehicle accident.

The accident happened on Dec.19 and the council has resolved this issue by authorizing the city manager, risk manager, and the finance director to make the payment of $27,892.60 to settle all damage claims from the accident in exchange for a full release from any other damages being sought.

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