Aflac duck takes first quack at advertising on Super Bowl Sunday

Aflac duck takes first quack at advertising on Super Bowl Sunday
(Source: AFLAC)

(WTVM) - Columbus-based Aflac announced Thursday that its iconic spokesduck, the Aflac Duck, will make its first commercial appearance during the big game on Sunday, Feb. 5.

In a new television commercial called "Surgery," the Aflac Duck will help consumers across America understand how to help protect their lifestyle with Aflac insurance products.

The ad will debut at approximately 6:20 p.m. ET on Fox, just after country music star Luke Bryan's performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

"We are excited to demonstrate the value of Aflac's products and services to an audience that is likely to top 110 million people, the largest that has ever witnessed the debut of an Aflac Duck commercial," Aflac Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gail Galuppo said. "After more than 16 years scoring touchdowns as Aflac's iconic advertising quarterback, we felt the time was right to elevate the Aflac Duck on the world's stage alongside the other stars as they battle for gridiron immortality."

The debut of "Surgery" is part of a comprehensive package that also includes a 30-second spot during the pregame show on Fox.

Aflac will air its current commercial, "Ski Patrol," the first in a series of ads that focus on how Aflac can protect your lifestyle from financial harm.

In "Surgery," a man is lying on an operating table as his doctor prepares to conduct a medical procedure. He is startled, however, when the doctor tells him that she plans on "going in and removing his '67 Corvette."

When the patient says that he is just there for a simple gall bladder procedure, his doctor reminds him that without Aflac insurance to pay him cash, the expense of his unexpected medical condition might mean he will have to sell his beloved car just to cover his rent.

The ad ends with Aflac's key message, which is that while your health can change, the life you love doesn't have to. Keep your lifestyle healthy with Aflac!

"When you are injured or sick, the pain you feel is not always limited to your body; it can make your finances uncomfortable, as well," Galuppo said. "Aflac, which pays cash benefits, is the insurance that helps protect your savings so that your lifestyle doesn't suffer as your body continues to heal."

Fans can engage and follow along with the Aflac Duck on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The ad will also run during the 59th GRAMMY Awards® on Feb. 12 and will be included in Aflac's regular advertising rotation appearing on all major broadcast and cable networks.

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