Smiths Station teen publishes book on bullying

Smiths Station teen publishes book on bullying

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - One Smiths Station High School student has published a book to help teens just like her overcome bullying.

Shakyehra Baines' book is titled "How "I Overcame Bullying."

Baines, 18, says the idea came after her grandmother bought her a book at a gift shop and told her to write a story in it.

She says she was a victim of bullying as a child and decided to write about it.

Shakyehra told us what she hopes people come away with after reading her book.

"If you can't deal with it tell somebody," Shakyehra said. "Don't resolve the problem by killing yourself. There is always a solution to a problem."

You can buy Shakyehra's book on Amazon and Kindle Fire.

She says she plans on attending Columbus State University following graduation.

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