Lee County District Attorney officially sworn-in

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – A ceremonial swearing in for Lee County's top prosecutor took place inside a packed courtroom Friday.

Surrounded by his family and friends Brandon Hughes, who beat out longtime incumbent Robbie Treese, had a ceremonial swearing in Friday with a reception to thank his supporters and family.

Hughes first official day on the job was Jan. 17th.

"Like I said all along from day one it is a victim first, law enforcement first office and we are taking a backseat to that. We are out there to protect the victims, get justice for the victims, and that is what we are going to provide for the citizens of Lee County," said Brandon Hughes, Lee County District Attorney.

David Lane, a new investigator with the Lee County District Attorney's office, was also sworn in today by his father— retired family court judge Richard Lane.

Citing a backlog of cases, Brandon Hughes says he plans to expand the pretrial diversion program to include first-time nonviolent felony offenses by next month.

Hughes says it will save taxpayers' money, allow his team to focus on getting justice for victims of violent crime, and ease a backlog of around 3,000 cases, some of which are 10-years-old.

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