Brother of FL quadruple murder suspect reacts to Boyette's death

(WTVM) - The brother of William Boyette is speaking out about his sibling's death and troubled life.

Boyette, accused of murdering four women, was found at a hotel with 37-year-old Mary Rice in West Point, GA on Tuesday. Boyette committed suicide following a three-hour standoff with law enforcement officials while Rice surrendered to authorities.

Brian DeWolfe says Boyette, 44, was the cause of much pain in the family, and it only got worse.

"All his life… I mean, I've sat in courtrooms; he's a jailhouse lawyer," DeWolfe said. "He knows everything. I couldn't believe it; the last time he stabbed up the girl and I figured, he's gone. You know, the federal judge said, 'I see you in here again, you're gone for the rest of your life.' But, they couldn't get her because she was a criminal so they couldn't prosecute him."

Because of the crime spree, DeWolfe says the family moved their 79-year-old mother outside the area to keep her safe.

DeWolfe said that even at a distance, the events of the last week have taken a toll on her.

Meanwhile, Rice has signed her extradition papers and will be transported to Florida at some point Wednesday afternoon.

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