EXCLUSIVE: Parents of FL fugitive proclaim her innocence in multi-state killing spree

TROUP COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - A standoff that lasted hours in Troup County, GA ended with one Florida fugitive dead and another behind bars.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mary Rice signed her extradition papers and walked out of the Troup County Jail to head back to Florida.

Just after she pulled off, her parents showed up.

"Wednesday there was a group text sent out to a bunch of people saying 'I've got to leave town for a little while to get things straight,'" says Rice's stepfather Harvey Caps.

Rice's mother and stepfather drove four hours from Santa Rosa to see what was going on.

"We don't know exactly what transpired on Tuesday when all the stuff went on, but we know in the morning time when those girls were supposed to be killed, she wasn't there around him," Caps said.

Her parents say they are shocked by Mary's actions and don't think she was behind any on the murders.

"She was made to do it at gunpoint and threatened at gunpoint to kill her kids and stuff like that, Mary is not a perfect person, but she is not a murderer and she is not a d*** thief like they're putting her out to be," Caps says.

Caps claims people in Santa Rosa knows this as well.

"Everybody who knows Mary knows that she could never do nothing like this at all," Caps said.

The Troup County Sherriff's Office says she faces no charges in Georgia and will face charges in the state of Florida.

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