Murder suspect Mary Rice extradited back to FL

(WTVM) - One of two suspects who prompted a three hour-long standoff in West Point is back in Florida after being extradited from Georgia.

We were at the Troup County Jail on Wednesday when Mary Rice was escorted out.

Rice signed her extradition papers Wednesday afternoon before being transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail in Florida.

Rice faces capital murder charges after going on an alleged multi-state killing spree with William Boyette.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Florida state attorney Bill Eddins thanked the witness who spotted the suspects' car in Troup County and alerted authorities.

"None of us, at least none of us that I know of, are aware of the name of the man or woman that was driving along a small road, back road, in a small town in Georgia when he saw a vehicle that he thought he recognized as the vehicle in question," Eddins said. "He was not only observant, he was assertive and verified that the tag number was the tag number that we were looking for and reported it to law enforcement. Then it went from there."

Rice is charged with accessory after the fact, and first degree murder in both Florida and Alabama for the deaths of four women.

Eddins says authorities are still deciding which state should handle the case but believes the outcome will be the same.

We also spoke to Rice's stepfather Harvey Caps on Wednesday afternoon after she left the Troup County Jail.

"Supposedly, they'd only met about a month," Caps said. "They were kind of seeing each other, an on-and-off type of deal. My middle son, he said, he told Mary, 'do not hang around this guy. he is nothing but bad news.'"

We also spoke with the investigator who talked with Rice while she was in custody in Georgia. She says Rice claims she was being held as a hostage by Boyette.

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