911 calls reveal new details about Rep. Greene’s shooting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two 911 calls, two different versions of what happened the night Georgia State Representative Gerald Greene was shot outside a Columbus adult cinema.

One of the 911 calls is from a woman who was helping Greene with his injuries inside the package store, and explaining to police what she said Greene had told her happened that night.

The other, however, is from a caller saying that the story Greene claimed wasn't the complete truth.

Surveillance video showed the events from the evening of Jan. 26, when Greene was shot in the leg.

"I'm at 30th Avenue Package Store and I have a customer who has been shot," a woman tells the 911 operator.

Police confirm the initial 911 call reporting Greene had been hurt was made inside the 30th Avenue Package Store, where Greene fled to after he had been shot.

You can hear the package store owner's wife on the phone relaying information to dispatch as Greene tells her more details of the incident.

"I'm at 30th Avenue Package Store and I have a customer who has been shot," a woman tells the 911 operator.

"Do you have him with you?"
"Yes, I have him inside sitting down."
"Stay on the line."  
"He's a white older guy."
"I have him inside the liquor store with me. It happened outside in the parking lot as he was getting out of his car."
"Was he robbed or anything?"
"He said he was robbed."
"The person who robbed him, where is he at?"
"I don't know. He said he took off."
"Did he see which way he went?"
"He said down 30th Avenue."
"Was he a black male? White male?"
"He was black guy. He said he took his phone."

But just a few hundred feet down the road was a completely different story as police received a call from the adult store Foxes Cinema male employee telling them even though he didn't see the incident, there was still more information.

"I was over at Foxes Cinema in the parking lot and they say someone had got shot over here and he's left the area."
"Foxes Cinema?"
"Yeah on Victory Drive. We on Victory Drive."
"Like I said I was inside the building and people came in telling me so that's why I made the call."

Greene initially claimed he was robbed while sitting in his car, according to state representative communications.

However, as police later confirmed a different story, that the shooting took place at 3009 Victory Drive, known as adult store Foxes Cinema.

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