House of Heroes renovates Columbus military widow’s home

House of Heroes renovates Columbus military widow’s home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One Columbus woman is feeling loved after receiving a home makeover from couples who volunteered with House of Heroes this Valentine's Day.

Widow Elizabeth Henley received a thousand dollars' worth of renovations to her home on Hawaii Way in Columbus.

Henley's late husband Sergeant First Class Nathaniel Henley was a 24-year veteran in the military.

Mrs. Henley says she wishes her husband was here to see new renovations to their home.

"If he was here he would, I mean he would be so happy to see that they did this for him," Hanley said. "They're doing an excellent job painting and doing everything that needs to be done, I never would of thought this day would come for someone to help me."

House of Heroes Volunteers wrapped up the project at about 3 p.m.

Henley says she remembers her husband bringing her flowers and chocolate each year for Valentine's Day, something she says she misses since he passed away.

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