Possible ordinance would make Columbus smoke-free

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You might see a cigarette or two during your lunch break in Uptown Columbus, but Columbus City Council members are working towards making Columbus a smoke free city.

We spoke with people to find out if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

"I don't think it is good, I think if they shut down the hookah bar and stuff it will take away a lot of revenue from the city," says one woman.

"Probably a good thing, there's a lot of kids around here," said another woman.

"I don't really think it will affect anything I think it's a pointless ban to place on the city," responded one man.

Breathe Easy Columbus is a coalition of community partners working to ensure that all workers are protected from secondhand smoke exposure.

"Our endeavors have been about making 'all indoor workplaces smokefree,'" Breathe Easy Columbus said in a statement. "We are not attempting to villainize  smokers; we are simply requesting that they take the smoke outside so that patrons and workers can enjoy working, eating, and getting entertained in a smoke free environment."

This is the group that presented an example ordinance at city council of what a "smoke-free Columbus" would look like.

"it's just going to make people mad," said the first woman.

Some say they are already mad.

"I don't like seeing kids walking around the cigarettes around with the parents walking," said the second woman.

Business owners in attendance at city council were given the "heads-up" that this ordinance is in the works and for some people of Columbus, they're glad to hear it.

"I would hate to see someone's business shut down, but at the same time this is next to a park and there are a lot of families in this area," said the second woman.

When we spoke with councilwoman Judy Thomas on the phone, she said this topic will most likely not be on agenda again until mid-March.

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