Plan presented for proposed Standing Boy Creek Park

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The possibility of a state park in Muscogee County could soon become a reality.

The Department of Natural Resources is exploring options for turning more than 1,500 acres at the Standing Boy wildlife property east of River Road into a state park.

On Thursday night, they presented the master plan for the park which will include cottages, hiking and biking trails and greenspace for gatherings.

Most people agreed on the low impact options such as the walking and biking trails, but some residents voiced concern about security with overnight stays such as concerts on the greenspace.

"My concerns are this is a pristine wild life area and it is open to public travel right now and open to hunters and we've got no issue with that," said local resident and homeowner Travis Hargrove.

"Now we have WhiteWater on one night and biking the next day, that kind of thing so you have people in the restaurants and the hotels in the area so it's not just a direct impact but a surrounding impact as well,"

If all of this is approved after being voted on the project would start in about two years. Organizers say this is only the first stage of the process, funding is still needed to complete it.

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