2 immigrants detained, deported after Recorder’s Court appearance

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - WTVM has learned that ICE officers allegedly followed two men out of a Muscogee County courtroom.

Miguel Sevilla and Arnoldo Morales were in court for allegedly driving without a license. Now, one remains in a detention center, while the other is already back in Mexico.

Victor Diaz was the interpreter in court, and he says when they got back to the car the next thing he knew they were surrounded by officers. Diaz said that is the last time he has seen the two men.

"When I see you know six cops surrounding my car… or law enforcement I got a little bit upset because of the way they attacked us," Diaz said. "They had guns… they were coming out with gunpoints…You know it's like they were doing like a drug bust."

Diaz says that he is concerned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are sitting in court rooms waiting to pick off undocumented immigrants that have cases coming up.

However, a spokesperson says that's not the case.

"No, we are not sitting in court rooms and what not," says ICE Spokesman Bryan Cox.

Cox said the situation does differ by each individual case, however.

"There is absolutely no type of indiscriminate random court action going on, but if we are unable to find someone, you know, specifically targeted an individual, that may have occurred," Cox said.

Diaz says that he is surprised that Arnoldo Morales was sent back to Mexico less than a week after he was detained.

"So obviously, every person's case is unique so I can't give you a guess as to how long or short the process could take for any person because obviously, immigration law is complex," Cox said.

Cox couldn't comment specifically on this case, but he is looking into the logistics of the two men's situation.

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