Colgay PRIDE director reacts to Trump transgender bathroom policy removal

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The director of COLGAY PRIDE is sharing his thoughts following the Trump administration's new decision to to revoke the transgender bathroom policy.

Jeremy Hobbs said when the decision was made to revoke the transgender bathroom policy, two words went through his mind: "major setback."

"We don't want to infringe on people's rights, we just want equality," Hobbs said. "That omes with accommodating the needs of all people."
Hobbs said the recent revocation of transgender bathroom policy made by President Donald Trump's administration is not one for following equality of the people.
"We have to protect every child, " said Hobbs "And there's people that say oh thats only just 0.3 percent of the population, that's still American citizens and we need to make sure that every American has the right to be free from harm, from discrimination and has the right to pursue happiness."
Hobbs said in his opinion, in order for American citizens to ensure their constitutional rights, Trump's administration needs to rethink their decision.
"What needs to be done in this case is plain and simple; we need unisex restrooms built for kids," said Hobbs. "Or we need unisex restrooms like they already have in most places with family unisex restrooms. We don't want other people to feel uncomfortable when they go to the bathroom, but we also don't want to feel uncomfortable when we go to the bathroom. All we want to do is go into the restroom, use it and go."
Hobbs also said he feels this policy is especially important for childen who are transitioning, as it can be  embarassing to be rejected from using gender specfic bathrooms at such a young age.

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