St. Francis Hospital hosts 'One Heart, Be Smart.' Heart Fair

Heart disease is said to be one of the top killers of men and women in America. To help combat the issue, News Leader Nine teamed up with Saint Francis Hospital for the "One Heart. Be Smart." Heart Fair.

"One heart, Be smart" was the motto for the event. The health fair was designed to raise public awareness on heart disease and other heart-related issues.

"As I get older, I think about it more, I think that, well, I have lived a sedentary lifestyle and that's not good," said fair attendee, Jeff Holloway.

At 47 years old Holloway says he's more conscious of his health. And with newly discovered high cholesterol, he says, this is a wake-up call, to act now, rather than later.

"I don't want to be trying to get in better heart health when I'm in my 60's, So, I'm in my 40's and I'm ready to tackle this," said Holloway.

At the heart fair, everything from free health screenings, mini seminars, and risk assessments was administered. Cardiologists and neurologists were also in tow, sharing need to know information.

"People have to be truthful with themselves. Thinking back with questions like, what did my father die from? What did my mother die from? When is the last time I've had my blood pressure checked? What are my cholesterol?," said St. Francis Cardiologist, Dr. Sebastian Hubbuch.

Dr. Hubbuch says recognizing the many symptoms of heart disease can help you in the long run. Also, that the first step in having a healthy heart is having a healthy life.

"Lifestyle changes, dietary changes vitally important for living a longer life," said Hubbuch.

Doctors say, no matter your age, gender, or nationality, everybody is at equal risk for developing heart disease. If you did miss the free screenings at the health fair today, they still encourage you to go to a doctor and get checked out.

This is the first time the hospital has held a heart fair of this size and scale.

More than 40 vendors participated, and over 300 people are believed to have attended.

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