Lupus Symposium held in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Georgia chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America is doing its part in Columbus to spread awareness about the autoimmune disease.

The chapter held a free symposium on Saturday at the Cunningham center at Columbus State University.

Leading physicians and professionals gave presentations and covered topics including understanding lupus and how to create an easier workplace environment for those who have it.

"The main reason is to educate and awareness that Lucas is so unpredictable. You're looking at me are you thinking I'm fine you don't see in elements. But on the inside, I am hurting I don't feel good so it's more of a silent disease. We just want to bring more knowledge to the community more knowledge to the people in the workplace so they can know," said Detra Holloway, the Columbus Walk Chairperson.

A panel of presenters held a brief Q & A session afterward.

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