Phenix City residents angry after flowers removed from cemetery

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Some valley residents are angry after flowers they've laid on headstones of deceased loved ones have been taken up and thrown away.
Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Phenix City has received complaints of flowers being picked up from headstones this past weekend.

James Kennedy says he has at least 14 relatives buried at this cemetary and he's devastated. The flowers he leaves for his wife are being removed without his permission.

Two representatives at Lakeview Memorial Gardens say each year they do a big clean-up and this is the first time they've received this type of negative response.

Kennedy says he has written a letter to the cemetary's corporate office in Pennsylvannia to find some relief for his family and others in the community.

"It's like my daughter told me, she said 'Daddy I don't have anything left I can do for my mom, the only thing I can do to pay honor is to leave flowers on her grave,'" Kennedy said. "I want Lakeview to issue a statement saying that they will not remove flowers from a bronze container anymore."

According to the policy stated in this pamphlet, flower arrangements that become a maintainance problem are subject to removal without notice. It also states flowers must be in a bronze container.

Kennedy says his flowers were in good condition and placed in an authorized bronze container and were still removed by the cemetery.

"Most people take the flowers off if they look bad they'll take them off," says Kennedy. 

Kennedy says he has a fresh batch of flowers ready to put on his wife's gravesite but he's afraid they will be removed too.

We reached out to the corporate office and no one was available to speak to us. We left a message and waiting to hear a response.

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