Columbus students experience the 'half bus, half prison' choice bus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Nearly 1,000 students from a number of schools in Columbus boarded what is called the 'choice bus' on Wednesday.

The bus is half prison cell and half a classroom converted into a school bus.

This event at Eddy Middle School was meant to show students two different life perspectives.

The bus is used by the Mattie "C" Stewart foundation whose purpose is to help reduce the dropout rate in the U.S.

Organizers say the bus has helped teach more than two million students this life lesson.

"I definitely think our kids are going to have an eye-opener. I think some of them feel like that badge of honor when they know people who've been in jail, but they don't know what it really looks like. So I think that it will be eye opening to them to make them think... this is not the direction I wanna go, said Shermaine Derrick, the Principal of Eddy Middle School.

The choice bus is a collaboration between state farm and the foundation.

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