Driver’s Education scholarships now available to teens

Driver’s Education scholarships now available to teens

(WTVM) - Starting Wednesday, teens age 15 to 17 can apply for a scholarship fund that will cover the cost of driver education.

Georgia Driver's Education Commission started this fund to help those who couldn't afford to take the classes required by Georgia law.

There are 600 scholarships granted to the two districts ranging from Harris County all the way down to the Georgia-Florida line.

Al Barber, president of Barber's Driving School, is on the commission for Georgia's Driver Education and he encourages those who get the scholarship to choose a driving school that fits their needs.

"What you want to do before you make your selection is go to their website and see what the services they will provide each one of us will have something a little bit different than the other as far as free transportation for the in-car training possibly a free Georgia road test those are things that could be added to the package so make sure you shop like you would do anything else," Barber said.

The application process will give priority to some including those who have parents who have died in the line of duty.

For a link to the application and more information on how to qualify, visit this link.

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