Most Wanted: Feb. 13 Home burglary suspects

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Police need your help finding two men who kicked in a front door in this week's Most Wanted.

On Feb. 13 at about 9 p.m., these two suspects were caught on a home security video breaking into a house on Baker Circle in south Columbus near Head Street and Brooks Road.

Both men appeared to ponder who's going to knock the door in. They switched places and within seconds a guy in the hoodie kicked in the front door.

"It was kind of unusual to me how long it took them once they were in the house it was very fast," said Corporal Paul Moody with the Columbus Police Department. "There's probably something that might stand out in the community. They were seen walking in the neighborhood before the burglary."

Cpl. Moody says the men were in and out of the home within 15 seconds.

One of the suspects appears to have facial hair. He's said to be six feet tall, weighs 140 pounds and on that night he was wearing light colored clothes and white shoes.

The other suspect is believed to be 5'6," also weighing 140 pounds. He wore jeans and a multicolored jacket with dark shoes.

Take a closer look to see if you know the men, who are now on CPD's Most Wanted list.

The two young men believed to be in the 20s or 30s did not leave the home empty-handed.

You can see in the video they had something in their hands, but what they took from the home
is unknown at this time.

If you recognize them, you're asked to call the Columbus Police Department's detective division.

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