Animal Control charges citizen after discovering live chicken duct taped to dog’s neck

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Hours before the sun went down, a concerned citizen who was walking down Wilton Street in Columbus snapped photos of an alarming incident.

Animal Control says a live chicken was wrapped around a dog's neck with duct tape.

Drale Short, the Columbus Special Enforcement Manager, said the caretaker of the animals told authorities the incident was a part of a dog training technique they participate in her culture.

"The [caretaker] is from the country...and that is the way they teach their animals and their dogs not to kill their chickens that they eat for food," said Short.

Cyndi Price, who is an owner of both chickens and dogs, said she is not familiar with that training technique from the photos, and doesn't feel it would be beneficial for either animal.

"I have never heard of taping a dead animal or putting a dead animal around a dog for training purposes," said Price. "Duct tape on my arm hurts just sticking to my little bit of hair... dogs have a lot of hair. I think the removal alone of the duct tape is going to be harmful for the dog."

Price said training animals to be compliant with other animals is something you have to do starting at birth.

"I have dogs and cats, both raised from babies, around chickens so that they grew up being docile," said Price. "Cats and dogs are both predators and are both territorial."

Animal Control issued a citation against the caretaker who was caring for the animals during the time of the call. She's due back in court March 15 where the case will go before a judge.

The concerned citizen who took the photos of the chicken and the dog, wished to remain anonymous.

However, they said they hope offenders involved in cases such as these will be charged at a state level, where their offending history is kept in a national database, instead of just being cited at a county level.

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