Waverly, AL family appears as finalists on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’

WAVERLY, AL (WTVM) - A family from Waverly, AL recently appeared on  "America's Funniest Home Videos" as one of the top three finalists.

The Frye family's video submission "Dog Swipes Slice" won third prize at the end of Sunday, March 5's episode.

In the video clip, mom Meredith Frye plays a joke on her son Wheeler and tells him that the family dog Saturn, a longhaired black Lab, ate his slice of pizza.

Before he can pout for too long, she reassures him that his slice is safe and starts to hand it off to him.

"Wheeler, come here," Meredith says while holding out his slice. "Mommy played a trick on you."

Unfortunately for Wheeler, Saturn decides to play a trick on him too. As he reaches out for his slice, Saturn snatches it away and wolfs it down before you can say "cheese."

"Oh no!" Meredith exclaims. "The dog really ate the pizza!"

Meredith tells us the pizza theft happened in early December 2016.

"My sons and I were having dinner, and my husband was out of town so it was an easy dinner - pizza and French fries," Meredith said. "My middle son went to the bathroom during dinner and asked me to guard his pizza, which was the only one left. I hid it to play a trick on him, we all egged him on a bit, blamed the dog, and then finally went to give it back and the dog snatched it out of nowhere."

Now, the incident that deprived Wheeler of his pizza – and gave Saturn a tasty treat –won the family a big prize.

The family flew out to Los Angeles last month to tape the show with host Alfonso Ribeiro.

"We had an amazing time!" Meredith said about the experience. "My husband is an airline pilot so it was neat for the boys to see the planes and airports where he is every week. They were perfect on the plane and kept saying, 'this is the best day ever!' We took them to the Santa Monica Pier and they enjoyed their time at the studio being filmed."

Although Wheeler sadly never got his slice of pizza, Meredith said they'll make it up to him with their winnings.

The episode featuring their clip aired Sunday, March 5 on WTVM at 7 p.m. EST.

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