Columbus reacts to potential healthcare changes as GOP promises to replace ACA

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - As Congress prepares to debate over this potential health care replacement, we talked to concerned citizens, getting their thoughts on what should stay or go on their health insurance.

The question on their minds is how and when will the new bill affect them, considering this new bill could potentially affect 20 million people nationwide who now have health insurance with aid from the Affordable Care Act.

We also sat down with Dr. Frederick Gordon, chair of the political science department at CSU.  The criticism from Republicans, he said, is having the federal government involved.

"It's about taking the R, or Big 'R,' from regulation and reducing it," Gordon said. "So, in many respects, the issue is, not so much that people shouldn't have healthcare, but who should be providing it and what are the options."

Gordon also highlighted some of the drawbacks the GOP have found with the current version of the A.C.A.

"I think the question about whether there's enough market competition seems to be where some of the challenges are coming from," Gordon said.

Around CSU's campus, people expressed their concerns regarding the replacement bill.

Among those concerns are the quality of their healthcare and income-based subsidies for students Aneal Augustus and Zackary Scott.

"They're making it seem that they'll make affordable healthcare better," Augustus said, "but they're going to make it cheaper. You know, you pay for quality. So maybe you pay for cheaper healthcare, you get cheap healthcare."

"I don't want them to change this based on income... how they'll help people rather than on age," Scott said. "I feel like that's important, because age shouldn't really matter, it's who needs the most help, so that's what I feel shouldn't really change."

Another question both students posed, as news of this replacement made its way across campus:  would they still be able keep their parents' health insurance plan?

GOP lawmakers have publicly stated they will keep that provision.

We also reached out to Congressman Drew Ferguson's office. In a statement, where he agrees with the latest legislation, he said he "looks forward to continue working with my new colleagues to develop solutions that increase access to care and lower costs for patients."

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