Warm Springs Road expansion leads to extra traffic

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - Construction crews are repaving and widening parts of Warm Springs Road, but in the meantime, drivers must share just two lanes at a busy intersection.

As the week has passed, cars making their way onto Warm Springs Road have ended up in the opposite traffic lane because parts of the road remain closed.

The brunt of the construction starts at 9 a.m., ever since crews started widening the street the last couple days - and even as workers leave home for the day, the traffic still builds up.

Neal Amos, co-owner of Southern Straws, said he has had to adjust his daily drive by taking a detour along Hilton Avenue. However, he said, he sees a positive in all this construction.

"We just see it as kind of a necessary, short-term inconvenience for the long-term, greater good of this area," Amos said. "Because it's growing and we know what it'll be like in the future."

Amos, though, isn't the only community member who's said he's inconvenienced.

Citizens have taken to Facebook, posting on forums that they're avoiding the intersection altogether because there are no clear signs indicating what drivers are supposed to do.

The Georgia Department of Transportation sent out a release earlier in March, stating crews are also placing combination sewers and storm drain pipes on this stretch of road.

However, according to GDOT, construction on this piece part of Warm Springs Road should wrap up by the afternoon on Friday, March 10.

In that release, GDOT also wanted to urge drivers on Warm Springs Road to slow down as construction crews continue their work.

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