WTVM Editorial 3/10/17: The future is robotics

(WTVM) – Some children dream of making millions as a pro athlete, a movie star or maybe as an overnight internet sensation.

But a smarter and richer dream might be to conquer robotics.

Robotics are popping everywhere from fast food service to home cleaning devices to life-saving medical applications.

Now St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School in Columbus has a plan to make sure its students are ready to capitalize on all the big opportunities robotics will offer.

The school has begun a new computer coding class to teach kids how to write the programming that will control robots in the future.

And they are starting young: students in grades second through fifth will learn how to apply math, physics, and computer science to control robotics, which will only become more and more prevalent in our daily lives.

Already popular robot floor cleaners like the Roomba are becoming commonplace in many homes. The military uses robots, so do police and military bomb squads, farmers and the automotive industry.

Preparing students to meet future demands for robotics experts is smart education.

Many local schools are putting an emphasis on STEM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

St. Anne-Pacelli lower school principal Jocelyn Smith is leading the robotics charge at her school, telling News Leader 9 it teaches kids to think outside the box and to understand how things work.

We think it's another great example of identifying needed skills, adjusting the curriculum to respond to change and taking some of those cues from the marketplace.

We hope there is a future Bill Gates or Steve Jobs at St. Anne-Pacelli or the other schools we've featured, schools that value science and emphasize technology.

We want to do a story someday on the first robotics billionaire who may just be in one of our local classrooms today.

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