Alcohol ban for PCB causing 'Spring Breakers' to travel elsewhere

(WTVM) - As travelers across the country make their way down to the beaches on the Gulf Coast to enjoy their spring break plans, many who plan to include alcoholic beverages are changing their final beach destination since the 2015 alcohol ban for Panama City Beach, FL.
"It was a big spring break atmosphere constantly," said travel agent Donna Comer, Owner of Travels by Donna. "Keep in mind, people go to Panama City from all over the country."
Comer said recently, however, spring breakers' beach destinations have changed.
"Panama City, Bay County, does have a ban for the month of March for no drinking on the beach," said Comer.
Ordinance 1353 bans all possession or drinking of alcohol on the 8-mile stretch of Panama City Beach for the entire month of March. According to officials the ban was instilled after heavy outcries of concerns from the public.
Comer said as she visited the Panama City Beach area last week, she noticed spring breakers who have made the decision to still vacation in the area, are spending more time drinking inside their hotels or resorts instead of on the restricted beaches.
"Walton County doesn't have that," said Comer. "A lot of people have moved to that area where there are not restrictions."
"You have to be 21," said Corey Dobridnia, Public Information Officer for Walton County Sheriff's Office. "We don't have a no drinking policy on our beaches. You can drink on our beaches but you have to be of age and it cannot be in glass bottles."

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