Columbus man scammed at Redbox kiosk on S. Lumpkin Rd.

Columbus man scammed at Redbox kiosk on S. Lumpkin Rd.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The corporate office of Redbox has released a statement after a Columbus man was scammed at a Redbox kiosk at Circle K on South Lumpkin Road.

In a Facebook post, Briana Hollis posted that her husband rented the game "Ghost Recon," but when he opened the case there was a paper copy instead of the original copy.

News Leader 9 reached out to Redbox and they confirmed that the disc was immediately marked unplayable by Redbox when it was called in.

Redbox also released the following statement:

Customer service is a top priority at Redbox, and we continually look for ways to prevent and deter fraud, including analyzing rental patterns and working with authorities to apprehend individuals responsible.

They are now in the process of identifying the person who fraudulently placed the paper copy in their kiosk.

Redbox also says that these incidents are low, especially given the number of discs they rent, which averages about one million per day.

The Hollis family did receive a credit for receiving the fraudulent item.

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