Columbus residents feeling the after-effects of fire that destroyed apartment homes

Columbus families are trying to pick up the pieces after a fire destroyed several units at the Sherwood Arms Apartments Sunday night.

Residents spent Monday salvaging what was left of their apartment homes.
It's just nothing. Nothing is here," said Demetrius Young, after returning home to his apartment and seeing the damage.

Young is one of the many residents of Sherwood Arms Apartments. One day following the destructive flames, he's returning home to salvage what little is left.

Fire officials say the fire began in Building A of the apartments. No one was reportedly injured, but many people have lost their homes.

"I left out, I didn't have nothing, I didn't have no shoes or anything. I ran, and got my jacket, and my shoes.. and that was it. This is what I have," said Young.

Starting on the second floor, the fire quickly spread, damaging nearly 20 units. Burning through ceilings, crumbling stairways, and displacing families.

"It was fire shooting out, but in a matter of seconds, it shot straight across," said one witness.

Other residents in the building were able to escape damage but were left without any power to live comfortably in their homes.

"Here we are, my neighbors sitting in her car, she's cold. It's cold out here. And I'm going to have to go stay in a cold house tonight. I stayed in a motel last night. $75! I don't have the funds to do that every night," said Sherwood Arm apartment resident Trusandra Haskins.

The Red Cross provided shelter for a few families, but for the many others, it will be a long road to recovery, as they try to piece their lives back together again.

"They got a couple of people to help us out, but far as trying to fix it, nothing for nothing leaves nothing. And that's what I got - nothing," said Young.

A donation box has been set up at the office building of the apartment complex to benefit the victims.

There is still no official cause of the fire. The fire remains under investigation.

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