MCSD proposes plan to completely restructure alternative programs

Alternative Programs (Source: WTVM)
Alternative Programs (Source: WTVM)
Camelot Education (Source: WTVM)
Camelot Education (Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA - You can call it a complete restructuring of the Muscogee County School District's alternative educational programs.

The plan was proposed during the March 16th Muscogee County School District Special Board Work session and it comes at a price point of $ 6.4 million.

According to Muscogee County School District Superintendent of Education Dr. David Lewis, it's a proposal which in theory is priceless, because it's for the betterment of student's education.

"My goal is to develop a model that not only serves our students, but students across the state," said Lewis. "It just hasn't been explored much in this [district] area."

The proposed plan revises the district's alternative education programs beginning with a partnership with Camelot Education, LLC.

"There are three different programs which Camelot services provide, making them different in that regard, said Lewis.

Specifically students in the Transitional or Therapeutic Day School and the Excel Academy.

"Every child has a core team," said Theresa Smith, Vice President of Therapeutic Operations Camelot Education, LLC.

According to Camelot Education online resources, Camelot "partners with school districts and other local education agencies across the country to provide targeted and effective programs that are specifically designed." Including the following:

  • Students that are struggling academically and risk not meeting promotion and graduation requirements

  • Students needing a more structured environment with individualized attention and behavior supports

  • Students with autistic and exceptional needs

Lewis included the partnership with Camelot's staff is not translated as a poor reflection on the current abilities of the teachers at the A.I.M. and Woodall schools, but that the new partnership with Camelot provides a different array of services.

"Our district teachers have done an excellent job," said Lewis. "But we need more support and services than we can provide and Camelot does that at a cost we can afford."

Although the current district teachers for the alternative programs will staff this new plan, officials guaranteed teachers will be placed in other open positions across the district, which will still utilize any special training these employees have had to partake in.

Officials at the session included, the two new schools, the Therapeutic Day School and the Excel Academy, will serve 75 students and 125 students, respectively. The Transitional school will serve 250 students, 450 students in total being served.

According to district officials, the proposed plan will be funded in compliance with federal regulations, recouping the indirect costs expended for federal programs.

The revenue generated is part of the overall budget but is not specified to cover any expenses each year, allowing the school district discretion as to how to expend the funds.

The plan will be recommended to the board on March 27th for consideration.

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