WTVM Editorial: 3/17/17: Hit-and-run- mayhem

(WTVM) - Just in the past two weeks, there have been at least three hit-and-runs, two of them were deadly.

Kasandra Hollinhead was hit by not one driver, but two - as she cross Martin Luther King Boulevard in Columbus just more than a week ago. Police say the first driver stopped as required by law, but the second driver did not. Police later arrested a suspect in that case.

Another hit-and-run days later left a man dead in Phenix City. Sixty-year-old Richard Gaines died after being struck near Brickyard Road.

One other recent hit-and-run involved a 3-year-old child but no serious injuries.

It might amaze you, as it did me, to learn that Columbus Police regularly investigate hundreds of hit-and-run cases every year. Most may seem inconsequential - fender benders or slow speed sideswipes of one vehicle by another.

But even in those cases, drivers are legally mandated to stop. When hit-and-run drivers don't do that, it's more than showing their lack of character. It's putting the rest of the driving public in real jeopardy.

When hit-and-run drivers are proven to have caused physical injuries or death, the legal penalties can be severe. But just looking at recent history and data on hit-and-runs. Those potential penalties are not enough to deter some drivers from being irresponsible.

So, pedestrians need to be hyper alert to the dangers on the road, and other drivers need to stay on the defensive to avoid becoming one of those hundreds of sad statistics: a hit-and-run victim.


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