CPD investigates string of car break-ins at Maple Ridge subdivision

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Several car break-ins in one Columbus neighborhood has residents looking for answers. The incidents happened at Maple Ridge subdivision overnight.

"Debbie's Jeep door we seen it from this side that the passenger side door was open and right then when we seen that we knew what happened.", says Benjamin Lowe, one of the victims of break-ins.

Benjamin Lowe and his wife woke up Monday morning to find their cars were broken into and the valuables inside- gone.

"The dash had been cleaned out the console was up everything had was taken out.", says Lowe.

Lowe says he searched the perimeter of his house and noticed something in his neighbor's yard across the street.

"We came out we saw a bag over there we went to look at it.", says Lowe.

His wife's bag laying in the neighbor's yard– ransacked and leaving behind items he says weren't of interest to the suspect.

"Makeup, lotion, stuff they don't want that's not worth any money.", says Lowe.

Homeowners say initially crime wasn't something to worry about in Maple Ridge.

"I don't remember this going on four or five years ago just in the last couple of years it's been really bad.", says Lowe.

He wasn't the only one – News Leader 9 spoke with another resident via Facebook from work.

She says she woke up to her her car window smashed and her book bag missing along with $100 cash, her debit card and even a pair of shoes were missing.

Homeowners say they are hoping police can put whoever did this behind bars.

"They are going to get them - they going to mess up and they gonna get them there's no doubt in my mind."

So far, Columbus Police have not identified any suspects in this case, they are working to gather more evidence.

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