Non-profit presents family with wheelchair accessible van

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A local non-profit organization helped make getting around town easier for one family who has a child with disabilities.

Pedaling for Kids provided a family with a wheelchair accessible van completely free of charge.

The organization raises funds for projects like this from local donations.

Their mission is to help provide equipment to families who have children with disabilities, typically equipment that insurance does not normally pay for.

"There's people out there that work hard and they just have been victims of circumstance. They didn't choose to have this happen to them but it's their family and so it's important that if we have the ability to help them that we do so," said Jay Parker, board member of Pedaling for Kids.

Previously, the organization helped remodel a bathroom for a family making it handicap accessible for their child who uses a wheelchair.

They also partnered with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office creating tracking devices for kids with autism in case they were to wonder off.

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