GA Gov. opposes changes to adoption bill criticized for excluding same-sex couples

(Source: Governor Nathan Deal/Facebook)
(Source: Governor Nathan Deal/Facebook)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia Governor Nathan Deal now opposes new language in a bill that may exclude same-sex couples from adopting children.

The specific change to House Bill 159 would allow private adoption agencies receiving state funding to refuse placing children up for adoption to same-sex couples.

Supporters in the Georgia House argue this bill could help create more adoption agencies and allow private ones some flexibility when it comes to placing children.

Critics, though, like David Smith, vice president of the COLGAY Pride advocacy group, said it will legalize discrimination.

"You know, this is a disgusting piece of legislation, and I'm glad that the governor is taking a stand on it," Smith said. "After what happened with Indiana, after what happened with North Carolina, I mean, do we really want to put ourselves in this sort of position?"

Smith was referring to the backlash those few states received after approving bills backing religious liberty, and then saw several corporations, including the NBA and NCAA, pull out of major events and projects.

This is not the first time Governor Deal has spoken out or even vetoed attempts at bills with components criticized as discriminatory against the LGBT community.

Another point from the bill's critics, the state's Department of Family and Children Services say the current version of the bill could endanger hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

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