Residents in Marion County concerned about dirty water

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Homeowners in Marion County are saying they have gone days without clean water.

WTVM has received numerous calls from residents asking for help with what they are saying is a big issue.

"But my concern was, why was nobody notified?", says a homeowner.

One of many concerned homeowners is asking Marion County why their water is brown and why they were not notified. A resident tells us he learned about it through the fire department

"The thing that got me the most he made the statement that you wouldn't have known if you wouldn't have been filling up a large container like a pool. I said really then I asked him so you won't let the fire departments fill up their trucks but you're going to backwash your system through our homes.", says Marion County resident.

A video was sent to WTVM from another Marion County resident that says his water is so dirty you can see his hand almost disappearing in his bathtub.

"They told me it was drinkable, personally I'm not going to take the chance," says the homeowner.

Homeowners are asking for something to be done about this.

"So I'm being told I have to pay for water that normally you wouldn't even flush out of your toilet," says the resident.

County Manager Jason Tinsley says they have also received calls regarding water and they tell News Leader 9 they got a new well system and that is the cause of the backwash and sediment that is showing, but water has been inspected by Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

They say they are working to fix this on a case by case basis.

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