New grocery store and retail establishment coming to Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Across the bridge overlooking the Gateway to East Alabama, a transformation is happening as new retailers, businesses, and people continue to make Phenix City home.

The city council approved a developmental bond of $2.8 million in order to attract more businesses to the area.

Big plans are in store for the south side of Phenix City as new anchor stores and businesses plan to make the city its new home.

"We have kind of become a regional retail area for the surrounding Lee and Russell County areas where there's very little retail development until you get all the way to Opelika or across the river to Columbus," said Phenix City director of Finance, Steven Smith.

Adding to this new development, a new anchor grocery store, called Renfroe's Market will be coming to the south end of the city along 431 South.

Based out of Montgomery, the store will be the first of its kind. Bringing with it dozens of other stores, and thousands of dollars to the local economy.

"The grocery store will be 39,000 square feet, and then you'll have another 35-40,000 square feet of retail that the developer will build around this site. You'll have eating establishments and retail stores, just typical things you see in a large retail shopping center," said Smith.

Mayor Eddie Lowe of Phenix City says they have been working for years to establish this part of the city, and he is excited for what's to come.

"The growth of Phenix City and the opportunities that we have is amazingly awesome. And you will see, as other people will see that we are going to continue to grow, we are going to continue to recruit and we're just on the cusp of having really big things happen in Phenix City," said Mayor Lowe.

Renfroe's Market has been voted as one of the top grocery stores in Alabama. The store is expected to employ around 100 employees.

A tentative opening date is set for May 1, 2018.

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