WTVM Editorial 3/25/17: Lifetime companions in dog ownership

(WTVM) - National Puppy Day last week gave dog lovers everywhere a chance to celebrate the companionship and lifetime of love that a dog can provide.

Puppies are always cute and cuddly, but dog ownership is a long-term commitment that requires socialization, exercise, medical checkups, and loving daily care.

In return, dogs will love us back, even more, enhancing our lives many times over.

Animal shelters in our area do a phenomenal job of helping dogs find the right family to love.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a dog. animal shelters like paws humane adopt out dogs and cats after getting to know your family's needs.

A puppy might not be right for some people.

The size or type of dog, as well as a dog's temperament, are all important considerations that need to be taken seriously when considering an animal companion.

The overwhelming response to our call for photos of your dogs on national puppy day shows what a dog-friendly area we live in.

There is probably a dog out there who is the right match for you but dog ownership should never be taken lightly. So, choose wisely.

Your dog will become a part of your family and give you comfort, security and unconditional love for as long as they live.

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