New Arkansas gun law permits firearms at sporting events

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -  Auburn University students are reacting to a concealed carry legislation that could impact SEC football and other sports.

Signed into law this week in Arkansas, it allows residents there to obtain so-called "enhanced" permits to carry concealed handguns in a variety of places, potentially including college athletic events.

Arkansas Governor, Greg Hutchinson says, "It's under the legislation. The director of the state police will design up to eight hours of training that will be coordinated with our universities and our law enforcement community on our campuses, as well as other public institutions to develop a training program for this enhanced carry permit."

The Arkansas law voted on Wednesday to go into effect September 1 would allow guns in government buildings, bars, or state college campuses – potentially including college athletic events.

Auburn university students could be at an event where guns are in the crowd.

"Griffin Holmes, an Auburn University student says, "That makes me feel, really, really uncomfortable. Guns, in general, are scary things. I think especially when you're at a college football game there's no reason to have that in there."

Darion Williams is on the auburn university flag line – she could witness this new law first hand.

She says, "It's definitely concerning thinking about all the festivities that happen before the games, but I know we have people in charge of us that would not let us be in harm's way, but it's still a concerning factor."

The enhanced carry permit would require you to be at least 21-years-old and have eight hours of training.

"It's going to be a much more limited population, but they will be trained and obviously, they'll be trained in active shooter circumstances.There's probably in the security that have guns I'm comfortable with that but if it's a regular person that's not okay," says Williams.

Arkansas senate voted yesterday to exempt college sporting events from this bill, but that amendment will have to pass through the house and the governor who signed the bill before going into effect.

If this stands, an umbrella will not be allowed at the University of Arkansas sporting events, but a gun would be legal for those who qualify.

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