Columbus planning repairs to Historic District Heritage Park water system

. - COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus' Historic District Heritage Park remains open, but its water system is still broken. 

Now, the city of Columbus will have to look at how much a new system will cost.

Deputy City Manager, Lisa Goodwin, told News Leader 9 her office is still waiting to receive an estimate on damage repair and see how much the city will pitch in while also looking to hire contractors. 

The stream has been dry for weeks, according to Justin Krieg, Director of Planning and Programs with the Historic Columbus Foundation.

The foundation funded and built the park in 1999 and currently maintains it. Krieg says the park is a tribute to the Fountain City's past.  

"The park was originally designed to really tell the industrial past of our community and obviously the river is a key component of that," says Krieg. 

The water flows down multiple cascades to the bottom of a shallow pool and paddle wheel.

Krieg says, "That obviously represents the river and the dams that were put in place on the river to power the mills in the late 1800's, early 1900's."

They city's Parks and Recreation Department has been in contact with Historic Columbus telling them damage to the water pump system was significant. 

Krieg says he hopes the park's water system gets fixed as soon as possible because the park is an event hot spot and he's gotten several phone calls asking when the park will be ready. 

"We manage the booking of the park for special events, weddings, things of that sort," he says. "When the weather starts getting nice, we get a lot of phone calls with brides wanting to book a wedding here, so they've obviously been asking about the water and if that feature's going to be available for the date they secure."

Historic Columbus is also looking to see if they have enough money in the park's capital fund to help repair the water system.

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