Local business reacts to Trump's proposed health care bill

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A representative from Aspirion Health Resources of Columbus says they feel current Obamacare or Trump's proposed health care bill might not please everyone.

Vice President of Operations Aspirion Health Resources, Suzie Bryan says, "I had patients at midtown who told us they originally selected a plan where they thought that Columbus midtown medical would be their in-network facility only to learn that their in-network facility was many many miles away."

Bryan says during the several years she's worked in the health care industry, its situations like those, which cause Americans across the country frustration with the current Obamacare put in place.

"Most consumers have access to healthcare, so they have peace of mind when they go to the hospital that they'll be able to be seen and have some sort of coverage. Its been financially difficult for hospitals to navigate all of the new different plans and it's been difficult for employers and providers to meet all of the changes and processes that the new laws required."

It's an issue which Bryan says Trumps proposed health care bill could possibly solve.

"We just need to look at the challenges that the current law has and work together and work with the people in the community to know exactly what's happening without community healthcare and fix those together."

Less than an hour after the postponement was announced, Alabama Representative, Mike Rogers, released this statement saying, "I continue to proudly stand with President Trump. Obamacare does not work and it will never get better."

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