Former AL Waffle House employee involved in fight speaks

Hoperia Johnson. (Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
Hoperia Johnson. (Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
(Source: Barstool Auburn/Twitter)
(Source: Barstool Auburn/Twitter)

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – People across the country have seen the video of two Auburn Waffle House employees in a brutal fight that happened last week. We spoke with one of the women who says she never wanted to hurt her friend.

Most Waffle Houses reputation is in the name, but the one on Opelika Road in Auburn is a viral video that has taken the internet by storm of two employees fighting right behind the counter.

"Saturday nights are always busy and they only had two people to staff that restaurant when there should have been three or four," says Former Waffle House employee who was seen fighting on video inside the restaurant.

A mismanagement that Hoperia Johnsons says would eventually lead to her and another employee dishing it out at the Waffle House.

"One of my customers needed a fork. I guess that is why they said that we were fighting over the dishes. I went to the dish pit and asked Alex if she could move so I could wash the dish and she didn't move. I asked her again and she didn't move so I threw the fork down in frustration and that's when she started cussing and carrying on," said Johnson.

The verbal exchange only lasted a short time before the first punch was thrown.

"She pushed me and I pushed her back to get her off of me and that's when she started swinging," said Johnson.

Hoperia began to fight back. At one point hitting Alex over the head with a spatula. But she says her goal was never to hurt her friend.

"I almost threw her into the grill and I thought I can't do that to my friend but she was still fighting so I grabbed the spatula and started trying to beat her off of me. If you watch the video I had to pick up a plate and throw it at her. Alex was just not Alex that night. She just wouldn't stop. She wouldn't calm down," said Johnson.

During this altercation, no one was arrested according to Auburn police because the fight was already over when officers arrived.

We reached out to Waffle House for a statement and they said they are investigating.

Johnson says both women are no longer employed by Waffle House.

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