Accused Lakebottom rape suspect appears in court for preliminary hearing

(Source: Muscogee County Jail)
(Source: Muscogee County Jail)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Domingo Puckett pled not guilty and received no bond during a preliminary hearing at Recorders Court for an alleged rape at Lakebottom Park on March 19.

Puckett's case has been bound over to superior court.

During the hearing, Detective Tom Shelton stated the victim is a 16-year-old girl. Shelton also said the alleged victim and Puckett knew each other from Facebook.

Both of them met at Lakebottom Park and that's where the victim was allegedly assaulted by Puckett in a park bathroom near the baseball field.

Detective Shelton says Puckett claimed he was followed into the bathroom by the alleged victim while she claims she was forced into a bathroom stall where she was assaulted.

During the hearing, Detective Shelton delivered statements given by the victim during a previous interview.

"She stated during the assault another person went into the restroom during that time period the defendant places his hand over her mouth where she could not call for help that individual could not see because they were in the stall and could not hear them," says Shelton.

Puckett's family was in court Wednesday morning, and they all declined to speak to WTVM on-camera.

Puckett is sitting in the Muscogee County Jail where he awaits his superior court hearing.

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