Experts urge parents to monitor children's social media and smartphones

(WTVM) - Family Relationship Educator at the Pastoral Institute, Monica Cobis, said it all starts with parental control.

"This happens a lot where somebody will send an inappropriate picture to somebody else," said Cobis. "But if you send [inappropriate pictures] to someone else or you send it across state lines… you're setting yourself up for a possible legal battle. Parents don't realize that."

Cobis said setting up restrictions on their children's smart devices is an easy way to ensure situations can always be monitored. Cobis recommends using restriction apps such as MOBICIP, which put phrase filters, time limitations and other various restrictions on devices and social media apps.

Regardless of how parents choose to monitor their children, Cobis said it's ultimately the parent's job to communicate and teach them the safest ways to use their smart devices.