Columbus volunteers come together to help a local active-duty soldier

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One Columbus community is coming together to help a soldier and neighbor in need.

Calling the project, 'Neighbor Helping Neighbor', over a dozen volunteers including veterans, active-duty soldiers, and off-duty policeman, came together to help fix a costly landscaping issue for their fellow homeowner, Shakeita Lockett.

"Trying to take care of my soldiers, take care of my boys when I get home, and take care of the upkeep of my house is very difficult, so I just try to maintain," says Lockett.

But Saturday, the active duty soldier, and single mother of two learned first-hand the meaning of neighbors watching out for neighbors.

She says the military is truly a small family. Whether you are a retired, a veteran or active duty. It's just like helping your family, and you should always help your family.

Rain has caused excessive damage to Shakeita Lockett's yard and collapsing her hill. Unable to cover the funds herself to build a retaining wall, that's when her neighbors stepped up to help.

A full team of volunteers, digging, plowing, and hammering as they made the necessary repairs to a neighbor in need.

She says, "It's a blessing from God that some people come and take, you know, their weekend to come and help."

Lockett had contacted the homeowners to fix the landscaping issue, but her housing warranty had already expired.

The project was organized by her neighbor, Melvin Moore.

United Rental and Lowe's provided the supplies and equipment for the project.

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