Columbus crews clean debris, damage to Uptown building after severe weather

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - Severe weather rolling over Uptown Columbus, leaving their mark, as parts of historic buildings are now damaged as a result of flying debris.

Eyewitnesses tell News Leader 9 a piece of roofing crashed into an Eagle and Phenix Mill building. The damage was enough that one part of Front Avenue was, at one point, covered in bricks. 

News Leader 9 tracked the first wave of Monday's severe weather live as it settled over the Chattahoochee River, coming into Columbus. 

Nathan Madlock, one eyewitness, said winds picked up everything in its path, adding that he couldn't believe what he and his family were watching, as bricks and wood crashed into the building.

"I have never seen anything that crazy. I have never seen a big chunk of roof flying in the air," he said.  

"It was pretty exciting. It was kind of chaotic. I remember everybody in the RV coming in covered in sand and the trash was blowing around," Madlock said.

Cleanup crews arrived early in the afternoon, scooping up the bricks and debris off of Front Avenue.

To view pictures of Monday's severe weather click here

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