Tree crashes through Americus home, tornado reported

(Source: Matt Clegg/WTVM)
(Source: Matt Clegg/WTVM)

AMERICUS, GA (WTVM) – Americus was one of the areas hit hard by Wednesday's severe weather, with a reported tornado touching down.

A tree smashed through a family's kitchen area.

The homeowner and friends, one of them a state senator, explained how they survived- with faith and their safe place.

"He's looking after us. When you pray and believe, He's going to take care of you," Brett Hewett said, as he looked up at the roof gone in his dining room.

Brett and Tammy Hewett and their family survived, but minutes before the storm, they had just been eating in the same area where this massive tree crashed through their Americus home.

A cleaning lady with them told News Leader 9 they barely heard the outdoor siren, but she got the warning on her phone.

"I have the WTVM Weather app, alerted us to take cover, so we went down to the basement," said Joan Scarborough.

Their safe place downstairs was a concrete area inside a barricaded room, where a large group stayed safe.

"There was 12 of us down there, plus 5 dogs and a cat," Hewett said.

"It was scary because we heard a big crash and the whole house shook," Scarborough added.

A family friend, Georgia Senator Greg Kirk, showed up to survey the damage, saying GEMA and FEMA come in to help families like the Hewetts.

"They had just gone down to the basement and in 10 minutes, the tree fell. Everybody needs to have a plan, where to go, what to do, make sure your cell phones are with you," Senator Kirk said.

"We prayed. Whenever it crashed, we came up and said uh-oh, it's just one of those things, just thankful my family is safe," Hewett said.

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