WTVM Editorial 4/9/17: Small businesses help our economy

(WTVM) - Small business is the backbone of our local economy and WTVM is proud to support small business.

In fact, our business is to partner with local companies to help them reach new customers using this station and our online sites, too - that's what we do.

But it's the business owners who build their businesses and their reputation for integrity and honesty one customer at a time.

One way many of them demonstrate their integrity is by belonging to and adhering to the standards of the Better Business Bureau.

Last week, the newly merged regional BBB held its annual Torch Awards saluting ethics in business.

Businesses like Image by Design and Bee Smart Builders, among others, were recognized for their high standards.

The BBB's "person of integrity award" was given to Augusta Garbage Collector Anthony Jones.

Jones became a statewide celebrity when he returned $8,500 he found in the trash after a customer threw out the small fortune by mistake.

The BBB also awarded scholarships to four students who demonstrate a commitment to ethical behavior.

When the BBB recognizes students and individuals for their integrity, it's more than symbolic.

It becomes a well-deserved personal badge of honor.

When the Better Business Bureau rewards businesses for being ethical, it's not just to give them a nice plaque.

The BBB integrity awards are meant to publicly encourage all of us, from employees on up to the CEO, to always do what's right.

Because that's always good for business.

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