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VIDEO: SC woman visits Columbus to protest bullying after grandson punched in face

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A grandmother from South Carolina has been outside of Richards Middle School yelling, “stop the bullying” in hopes to bring awareness to an incident regarding her grandson.   

“My grandson is scared, he said he is so tired and he can't take no more. He says he wants to kill himself,” said Susan Huff, the grandmother of a Richards Middle School student.

Video captured the moments shared between Huff’s grandson and two other Richards Middle School students on school property.

We’ve edited the video, removing the graphic scenes exchanged between the students.

According to the grandmother, her grandson Avery was just standing there talking and the next thing he knows the boy punched him.

“The first part is what was on video where the boy actually hit him and it showed him hitting him," Huff stated.

Huff says her grandson was hit by two separate boys during the entire incident.

“And then another boy came up from behind him and hit him again saying that the first boy did not hit him hard enough… and hit Avery again and knocked him to the ground. They are constantly picking on him and harassing him when they were in the same classes, and nothing is being done about that,” says Huff.

The grandmother has signs in her car while she stands right across the street from where the cars are pulling up and she yells, “Stop the bullying at Richards.”

According to Muscogee County School District’s Director of Communications, Valerie Fuller, the parent of the child who was hit filed a police report about the incident.

However, the school does not consider or refer this specific incident as bullying.

Fuller says the principal explained the situation as a “roast,” or a teasing exchange of words, between the two students filmed on camera, and the student punched Huff’s grandson because he did not like what the other said to him teasingly.

Fuller says the “roast” was not a report of bullying by their definitions, because of the playful circumstances surrounding the moments before the punch was thrown.

“To me, that is an assault if an adult would have done that, they would have been arrested and put in jail and that's what should have been done to the kids,” Fuller said.

The Muscogee County School District released the following statement saying (click here to view the school district's information and definitions on bullying):

“Any student who violates the behavior code and discipline policies are subject to disciplinary action.  Violence is not condoned and we encourage parents to review the discipline policies and behavior codes with their child including appropriate cell phone use.”

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