Caught on Camera: Thieves break in My Boulange Bakery and Cafe

(Source: Sharifa Jackson/WTVM)
(Source: Sharifa Jackson/WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Police need your help identifying two suspects who broke into the My Boulange Bakery & Café located on 12th Street.

Two men reportedly entered into the cafe around 11:00 p.m. last Wednesday by breaking a back window and spent a reported 4 hours inside.

"Our baker arrives very early. And they probably left within 30 minutes, 45 minutes from the time the baker got here. They knew I feel like they knew what they were coming for. They came in, spent a couple hours looking around and then just left," said  Owner of My Boulange Bakery & Café, Mary Brown.

On surveillance video, the two men can be seen walking around the kitchen, and looking in cabinets, and tampering with supplies.

They later go on to steal three televisions and a bottle of Champagne.

Owner, Mary Brown says she is shocked someone would do this but is grateful, more damage wasn't caused.

"A little disappointed and just felt very invaded that somebody would do this. We worked very hard to get to where we are. And just to come in and take something that is not theirs. I think I'm more aggravated about that. If we catch them I would love for them to come work here and pay it off," said Brown.

The two men left without damaging anything other than the broken window.

Neighboring businesses say they were not targeted.

An estimated $4,000 worth of property was stolen from the business.

The two men who broke into the cafe are unknown.

If you have any information on the break-in, you are urged to call the Columbus Police at (706) 653-3100.

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