Columbus Childcare Network director fired after recording surfaces of alleged abuse

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Columbus mother claims that a daycare worker spanked her 9-month-old child and it was heard through an audio recording.

This alleged incident happening at the Childcare Network off Weems Road. Audio recordings reveal an alleged cover-up scheme by the Childcare Network director.

"Should I tell Elijah's mom? NO! That woman's crazy. She would call the state department, we would have stayed all up in our business, and no, we don't need that," stated the director in the audio recording.

The mother, Amber Adams, was outraged saying she was not properly notified about the incident.

"When it comes to people's children, their parents should be notified first if there is any type of incident, it shouldn't be anything like we were going to, or we were planning to. It should be the first thing done," said Adams.

The alleged spanking incident happened on Monday and the mother says it was days before she was notified.

"Obviously angry because it is my child, and a little bit shocked that it was not more of a fuss made over this situation," said Adams.

It was another teacher informing Adams through Facebook about the alleged spanking incident. Wishing to go unnamed, the former teacher says she witnessed the whole scene, as the teacher used excessive force to spank the young child.

Unnerved with the daycare for not taking immediate action, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Because I'd talked to her previously. The week before, I told her twice how she mishandles the babies. As a mom, if somebody spanked my child and didn't tell me. I don't even know what would happen.," said the former employee at the daycare.

The Childcare Network did confirm that they were aware of the allegations - saying they take these matters very seriously. The company is conducting their own investigation. The teacher involved in the alleged spanking incident has been suspended.

According to Childcare Network CEO, Scott Cotter, the director has now been terminated.

Official Statement by Childcare Network: 

At Childcare Network, we provide high-quality educational experiences to over 35,000 young children each day and their safety is our number one priority.  Once we became aware of the allegations at our Weems Road school, the teacher was suspended, we notified the appropriate authorities, and initiated our own internal investigation.  Our Weems Road facility has an outstanding track record as a high-quality program having received a three-star rating from Bright from the Start. - Scott Cotter, CEO.

The mother has taken legal action, hiring a lawyer. Columbus police and DFACS are also investigating the incident.

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