WTVM Editorial 4/16/17: I-85 bridge repair

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - When it comes to road construction, we've all learned to be patient. We have to be.

It seems most road projects, and we all know of one, can take an unusually long time to complete.

So, when a fire caused a section of I-85 in Atlanta to collapse a few weeks ago, drivers all over the southeast feared the worst.

But it's both amazing and refreshing to see what can be accomplished when federal, state and local government works together with a true sense of urgency.

When U.S. Senator David Perdue toured the I-85 repair project last week, he said he couldn't believe the rapid progress.

Already the new support columns for the roadway are up and ready.

And if the contractor finishes the repairs before May 21, they could get a 3-million-dollar bonus.

The project deadline is actually June 15, but officials are pulling out all the stops to get the work done as soon as humanly possible.

It's gratifying to see such teamwork and sense of purpose to fix one of the busiest stretches of highway in America.

Transportation experts say four hundred thousand vehicles a day use that section of I-85.

Now all of them are clogging alternate routes and every driver headed through Atlanta has to deal with frustration and delays.

Time is money and this project proves it.

Many of us here in the Chattahoochee Valley use I-85 frequently, some drivers have to travel to Atlanta daily for work or business.

So, we support the bonus plan for the contractor if the new section of I-85 is ready early.

And we applaud everyone at the state, local and federal level for working together to turn this chaotic event into a fast-track project to get us all back in the fast lane.

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